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Close to The Death

March 24, 2017

Dear sister..
Have you ever feel in your live..?
Time when you feel so close to The Death..?
Almost dead and pass away..?

It was February 17, 2017. Friday noon.
I got a job to speech at a Masjid in Jababeka 2, an Industrial Town.
Speed of my old motorcycle just moderate enough.
But yes, I am in hurry to catch up the show time.

Suddenly a motorcycle in front of me stopped..
I Braked because of shock..
It is too many front brake..
and back wheel is not good enough..

I fell down the right.
In Indonesia, the right side is the opposite direction.
A truck coming from the opposite direction.
I was resigned to waiting for death.

I held my breath and remember Allah.
That too loud crash occurred. duakk..!
I find myself still conscious and immediately stood.
The truck stopped right at the edge of death.

It was a miracle.
I am grateful to God. and apologize to the truck driver
If I die, the truck driver was going to be in trouble when innocent.
I grabbed my bike and decided to continue the journey.

My helmet was broken.
Feeling so close to death. Make me not easy to forget.
And much to be grateful for the gift of God.
On the age and the days were enjoyed.

I just told you this at first.
I told my wife was a few days later.
I’m afraid if I tell her right away.
She will shock and worry.

This is a warning for us.
Be careful always on the go.
And this is a lesson.
That human life is managed by God The Almighty.

Bekasi, 24 Maret 2017.

(a month after accident)